For Corporates

OPASIS - Program under Employee Wellness / Employee Engagement

OPASIS is an online subscription based Career Support Platform adopted by corporates under the HR Employee Wellness / Engagement initiatives. It helps corporates to address the 'what after school?' worries of their employees about their children. Left unaddressed, it is increasingly impacting the employee's workplace performance owing to being a very high anxiety issue.

OPASIS helps employees having children between classes 9-12 discover hundreds of opportunities and career paths that they otherwise are unaware of and miss.

Transformative advantages to the corporate employee parents :

  • 6X Awareness in higher education options
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Parent & Child in the Loop - No More Information Disconnects
  • 24x7 Access to High Quality Updated & Validated Content
  • Better decision making regarding career paths

Key benefits for the corporate

  • Less Stressed Employee
  • Contribute towards Employee Loyalty and Wellness
  • Platform is Co-branded with the Organization

Service components

  • Customised Information Sharing with Employees and their Children about Careers, Entrance Exams, News etc. through E-Mail and SMS Alerts leading to increased awareness of Higher Education Options and making sure that there are no missed opportunities.
  • 24 X 7 Access to High Quality Validated and Updated Content through a Co-branded Platform regarding Multiple Career Options, 350+ Entrance Examinations, Scholarships, New Age Career Choices, Burning Topics etc.
  • Online Psychometric Tests provided to Employees to assess Stream & Career Suitability for their Children helping them take Better Career related Decisions.
  • Webinars & on-premise workshops for sensitization and awareness building.