For Schools

Reality check : Students (and parents) continue to live in the following bubbles

Bubble #1: They are very well informed (because of smart-phones) and aware of all options but the fact is
85% Opportunities are MISSED by Class 11 & 12 students
And that 'free' advice & information available via Internet search is mostly subtle advertisements and unverified/outdated content.

Bubble #2: That they make informed career choices
but the fact is
62% students after Class 10 do NOT choose a Stream based on their interest and preferences
And over 45% Class 11 & 12 students make career choices due to peer influence

Challenges faced by schools

Parental expectations

Pressure from parents on school to help students in their career path planning / decision making

Inadequate skills in Career Support

  • Psychology counsellors are not trained for career counselling
  • Hence, schools end up conducting career seminars through external experts once/twice a year
  • Impact of career seminars diminishes rapidly as there is no engagement once they leave
  • High Cost

    Full-time career counsellors are a cost drain on the school

    Consequences of Poor Career Path Decision making on Students

    • Compromise
    • Regret
    • Frustration

    How does OPASIS address all the above ?

    OPASIS is an online Career Support Platform with School Co-branding that helps students Discover fantastic higher education options and make better career path choice.

    What’s more, it serves as a feature rich exhaustive tool that enables inhouse Career Counselling capabilities of the school. School counsellor / resource can be trained to become an effective career counsellor using OPASIS.

    Benefits for students

    • 10X Career awareness
    • Right stream selection after class 10
    • 6X awareness of higher education options
    • No missed opportunities

    Benefits for school

    • Transform in-house career counselling abilities
    • Generate goodwill from parents & students
    • Reduced dependence on external experts for counselling
    • Highly affordable solution

    OPASIS service offerings & features

    1. Rich, Validated, Neutral content

    • Admissions & Entrance Exams discovery with powerful search filters
    • Covering 350+ entrance exams for 13 streams
    • Informative career capsules and videos
    • Information on various Olympiads & Scholarships
    • Insightful Blogs & News updates

    2. Keeping parents in loop, Gain goodwill

    Exams, Blogs, News, Insights shared with students and parents by Email and key alerts by SMS automatically on behalf of school with ZERO operating effort from school.

    3. Assessments & Counselling

    • Online Psychometric assessment, based on industry standard tools, for Stream Selection (Class 9-10) and Career Suitability (Class 11-12) with detailed 20 page report
    • One-to-one consulting

    4. Management Dashboard for school

    • School co-branded content
    • 1 Administrator Login ID for School
    • Manage and control student accounts
    • Create Notice-board content (with school logo) with single click
    • Share info on school social media accounts
    • Use the platform as knowledge repository for counselling & workshops
    • Share information with students / parents through email (with school branding)
    • View shared history

    5. Sensitization & Awareness Workshops

    Insightful workshop for students & parents to sensitize them about the changing nature of career avenues and exposing them to pan-India niche opportunities.